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Envisioning a New Technology Creating a New Industry While Changing All the Others in the Process

A day or two ago, I plunked down with a lot of individuals from our research organization I requested that they envision another innovation which would reform the manner in which we get things done in the public arena. The criteria would be another innovation which changed every other industry, in any event, making its very own all the while. You may think this is an extremely difficult task, and it's difficult to envision something like this particularly on the off chance that we have no reason for it, at the end of the day it doesn't exist so how might you envision it? Straightforward, let me clarify.

The printing press, the PC, thus numerous different advances have done recently that. Eli Whitney's cotton gin for example. What about the plane? Presently at that point, shouldn't something be said about what's to come? Shouldn't something be said about the present, we can returned to what's to come? Wouldn't you agree that portable innovation and the majority of the advances have made a huge difference? If not, maybe you weren't alive when the main cell phones came into realization. I was, and I had one of the primary cell phone, and it helped me in my business colossally. I had the option to accomplish things my rivals couldn't do, and I never needed to stress over sitting by a telephone trusting that a client will call. Maybe I had a free secretary.

Consider all the applications that you have today? Think about the contrast between word handling projects and typewriters. I mean on the off chance that you needed to experience what I needed to experience when I began my first business, you'd get it. You'd comprehend the distinction the innovation has made in our lives, organizations, and all through the whole human undertaking, and around the globe. It's been out and out stunning over the most recent hundred years, would you be able to start to envision what the following hundred years may resemble? Maybe not, yet I'm requesting that you envision that now.

There is a fascinating gathering called the Singularity Institute where many technologists and futurists talk about these potential outcomes. Consider the fate of nano tech, biotech, quantum registering, self-driving autos, human cerebrum interfaces, 3-D printing, private space flight, life expansion, climate control, and atomic and molecule absorption. What this Singularity Institute is proposing that we ought to ask now is; imagine a scenario in which those businesses thought of achievements during that decade.

Strangely enough the line is obscured among biotech and mechanical technology, science and PCs, nano tech and private space flight. We can join any two of those together and we get an entire exhibit of potential projections and new businesses which would make a huge difference all the while. On the off chance that we include three or four of them together, the exponential for increment and change proceeds. It's a great opportunity to begin envisioning the majority of this stuff and afterward go out and make it. Without a doubt I trust you will please think about this and think on it.


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